Mission Conference 2012

January 28 – February 5

2012 Mission Project

Camp of Living Waters is a youth camp in the Yucatan. Sponsored and run by the Peninsular Presbytery , it is a major Christian outreach project. For a variety of reasons, some cultural, some economic, youth in the Yucatan do not have the same opportunities for clean, Christian fun as do the youth in this Country. Our project this year is to support the Peninsular Presbytery’s efforts to modernize the camp, building at a new site they own.

The camp has been in operation for over 50 years. It is located in the town of Chuburna Puerto, on the north coast of the Yucatan. Due to having to rent space and the poor conditions of this space, there are only two one-week camps, one for older youth and one for younger. Approximately 300 youth attend these two camps each year; many of them have been coming year after year. The blessings of the camp are the drawing card, not the condition of the present site.

The Presbytery had the land about a block from the Gulf beach. The combined efforts of BIRP in partnership with the Peninsular Presbytery this last year have enabled the kitchen and dining areas to be almost completed. This area can also be used for covered/out of the hot sun activities.

The 2012 goal is to raise $25,000 to build the eight bedrooms upstairs to sleep approximately 80 kids in hammocks. More can sleep downstairs if needed. Once the second floor is complete, more children and youth camps can be planned, plus others in the Presbytery will use it. The Presbyterian Women, who are working very hard to make this a reality, want to use it for retreats. In addition to adult evangelistic outreach  programs, others want to have discipleship training and other Presbytery training events at the camp/retreat center. When not in use by the Presbytery, the camp or individual rooms may be rented to other groups or individuals. After all it is a block from the beach, a nice drawing card.

BIRP’s 2012 goal is to raise $25,000 to complete phase one of camp that will allow it to open summer 2013. In this BIRP’s last year of this Partnership, we are no longer strangers, no longer just partners, we are friends; friends building together to the glory of Christ our Lord.

Meet our Mission Speakers

Rev. Don Wehmeyer – Missionary to Merida in the Yucatan. Don is a pastor in the Peninsula Presbytery and directs the School of Continuing Education at San Pablo Seminary in Merida.

Martha Wehmeyer – Missionary Physician, native to Merida, Martha works in private practice and as a staff physician for several agencies in the Yucatan. Hear her perspectives based on years working in this area.

Rev. Edwin Tun – Vice President of the Peninsula Presbytery and pastor of Puerta de Salvacion in Merida, Rev. Tun is very familiar with the need for a new camp, the building progress and future plans for Agua Viva.

Edwin Tun Jr. – A youth that has been active in the leadership of the youth and children’s camp as well as attending. He is anxious to share what the camp means to him and others.

Rev. Antonio Reyes – A friend to many here, Antonio has coordinated our partnership these last 3 years. Pastor of Monte De Los Olivos and Secretary of the Presbytery, Antonio will share a long history of working with the camping activities in this area.

Diana Mays – A young adult involved in the camp in past years, Diana is anxious to share her experiences and stories. She anticipates making many new friends here to share with those “back home”.

John Yust –  Team leader for both 2011 BIRP trips, John has been involved from the pre-partnership stage until present in this exiting venture, making five trips with BIRP groups. He has many friends in the Yucatan and has improved his Spanish to better communicate.

Monia Yust – Always ready to go and then come back to share, Monia appreciates the laughter and sharing among the partners who are now our friends. She is excited by the large number of children she has met and the glorification of Christ this partnership has fostered.