“Providing a Christian memorial with simplicity and thoughtfulness.”

Celebration of life in Christ is the precious gift of our faith. Even in the loss of a loved one, we rejoice in God’s provision for our continued life with Him.

Some families find it comforting to remember their loved ones in the setting of the church garden. Therefore, we have prepared a quiet simple and peaceful place where the ashes (cremains) of our church members and their immediate families may be placed. If cremains are interred elsewhere it is possible for a brick engraved with the name of the departed to be placed in the Memorial Garden.

Hopefully, we can answer any questions you may with the following. If we do not then please contact the Church Office.

1. What is the Presbyterian Church view on cremation?

Cremation is not in conflict with the policies and doctrines of the Presbyterian Church, or the doctrine of the resurrection of the body.

2. Who can be memorialized in the Garden?

Members of Cocoa Presbyterian Church in good standing and their immediate families. The Session will consider others on a case by case basis.

3. Who makes funeral or cremation arrangements?

Families will make such arrangements in the normal manner. Families are urged to have a funeral or memorial service. No cremains will be placed in the Memorial Garden without a committal service.

4. Are services held at the garden?

Only a committal service. The garden is not a place of worship. Funeral services will be held in the Sanctuary or elsewhere. Arrangements must be coordinated with the minister.

5. Where are the ashes kept?

Cremains are scattered in the garden by the Minister (or his representative). By scattering ashes, no specific location will be designated for any individual.

6. May flowers be placed in the garden?

Only at the time of internment, flowers may then be placed in the garden for a period not to exceed three days. At the end of that time the family or the church will remove them. Contributions to the Memorial Garden fund may be made in lieu of flowers.

7. What funds are required from donor?

The only cost of memorializing a loved one in the garden is $300.00. This includes placement of cremains in the garden and a brick engraved with the interred persons name (size of bricks prevent inclusion of dates of birth/death). Some may wish to have cremains interred elsewhere and desire only an engraved brick. The cost is the same($300.00). No funds will be returned. The Memorial Garden will be maintained from these funds and donations.

8. Who is in charge of the Memorial Garden?

The Memorial Garden is a perpetual-care facility; the Memorial Committee under the direction of the Cocoa Presbyterian Church Sessions governs it.

9. Who do I contact about using the Memorial Garden?

Please contact the Church Office if you have any further questions. The Church Secretary will respond to your questions or forward you to the appropriate person.